Fratelli Kennedy Street Condominium (Italy)


Structural modeling, seismic vulnerability analysis and executive structural design


The building, which was built in the early 1980s, consists of three joined bodies having a rectangular shape.
The load-bearing structure consists of a reinforced concrete frame that, in accordance with the design customs of the design era, has main beams predominantly in one direction.
The foundations consist of concrete piles with a diameter of 40cm and a planned depth of 14.50m.
The piles, two for each pillar, are connected with concrete nuts and reinforced concrete connection beams.
The frame is perimeter enclosed by hollow-case infills with the inner part in hollow bricks and the outer part in face hollow bricks.
The horizons consist of prefabricated joist type slab h=20+4cm, while the roof slab is 16+4cm high.
The innovative technique of seismic isolation by using elastomeric isolators with linear visco-elastic behavior and slides was chosen for the intervention.
In this way, it was possible to pursue the so-called period elongation strategy, that is, to bring the superstructure into the range of the lowest spectral accelerations, succeeding in significantly lowering the seismic forces.

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