IV Bridge over the Grand Canal (Italy)


Bridge assembly project


The fourth bridge over the Grand Canal in Venice, designed by Santiago Calatrava, consists of a heavily lowered arch with a span of 80.8 m and arrow of 4.76 m used to connect the railway station with Piazzale Roma. The cross-section, varying in width from 6.5 m at the supports to 9 m at the centerline, consists of a central arch, two lateral arches and two lower arches. The axial forces, characteristic of arch behavior, are entrusted to the central arch and the two lower arches, while the two upper arches have mainly a stabilizing function for the bridge structure. The connection between the five arches, is made by means of a warp of beams orthogonal to the axis line of the bridge, according to the typical Vierendeel-type beam pattern. The foundations consist of 22.5 m deep diaphragms.

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