Seismic improvement – “CUORE DI SORBO L10” (ITALY)


Structural modeling, seismic vulnerability analysis and executive structural design.


The Cuore di Sorbo L10 residential complex is an existing structure built in 1987 with reinforced concrete frames. and infill in perforated concrete brick.The assessment of the safety level against seismic actions and the improvement project are developed, with reference to the regulatory tools specifically dedicated to interventions on existing buildings, such as the NTC2018 and ”Circolare applicativa 7 of 2019”, through a low invasiveness, in order to preserve the building from the seismic damage suffered following the 2016 earthquake in Central Italy.From the structural analysis of the state of affairs, a high vulnerability of the building subjected to seismic actions emerged, especially due to the poor connections at the level of the deck of the walls placed in the two main directions.The goal of seismic improvement, with the insertion of new partitions in correspondence of the stairwells and local reinforcement of FRP beams and pillars, allow an increase in safety levels which in 68%, as required by current regulations.

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