New Google Headquarters, 550 Washington Street (USA)


3D modelling of the precast pre-stressed concrete core elements in BIM environment, including inserts and both design and construction rebars. Issue of the shop drawings for concrete, inserts, post tensioning, rebars and related bending schedules.

Structural 3D Finite Element Modelling for construction analysis.


The activity is related to the 3D BIM modelling in Tekla Structures environment.
Modelling focused on the drafting of the shop drawings of the precast concrete vertical cores of the new Google headquarters in New York.
Both cores have a rectangular section of 103’x29.8’ (31mX9m) and are divided into 8 side-by-side precast elements.
Each group of 8 elements represents a “lift”.
In height each core consists of 18 stacked lifts that, altogether reach a height of about 245’ (about 74 m).
In total, the cores are made up of 284 different precast elements. The differences are due to the high variability of the equipment, as a result of a very complex architectural project.
The connection between lifts is obtained by a post tensioning system consisting of steel bars linking all the pre-cast elements of each core from top to bottom and also in a number of horizontal sections.
In parallel to the BIM modelling, BOLINA carried out the 3D FEM analyses of both handling and tension phases of the precast elements in order to optimize the distribution of rebar and confirm the structural sections.
This multidisciplinary approach has enabled the real-time update of the BIM model according to the FEM results, taking advantages on the quality and time for Shop drawings emission

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