New bridge over the Meduna river (Italy)


Proposal for a new arch bridge over the Meduna river in Pordenone.


The activity carried out relates to the development of the project proposal within the competition launched by the Municipality of Pordenone relating to the New Bridge over the River Meduna and the related connecting roads. The level of project analysis is that of the Technical and Economic Feasibility Project. The proposal relates to a bridge with 3 spans of spans equal to 87.5m, 175m, 87.5m. The span of the main span is covered by a single arch of height in key equal to 42 meters and cross section with variable width widened in key to increase lateral stability. The arch is placed in a central position with respect to the cross section of the deck consisting of a metal box with an orthotropic plate. Symmetrically placed with respect to the central span, the shore spans are characterized by the presence of a structure composed of a suspended belt which, together with an extradosized caisson, allow, through a natural continuation of the shapes of the central arch, to ensure a suitable rigidity and capacity. bearing to the deck on the end lights. This solution, as well as being perfectly suitable for operation, is functional to the launching of the tip of the bridge in question, constituting a natural “forearm” in the transitional phases.

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