New Steel Bridge (France)


FE modeling and structural analysis of a new steel bridge built with n. 5 Warren type beams and orthotropic steel deck.


It deals with the design and check of the new steel bridge inside the Port of Toulon.

The bridge is made of five isostatic Warren type spans which support the deck comprised of an orthotropic slab.

The required steel grade is S355 – K2+N for all the structural elements, while all the connections are welded.

Given the highly aggressive marine environment, a particular painting process was required.

The design activity includes the global and local analyses of the whole structure under permanent and movable loads which, in this case, are related to the model LM1 of Eurocode 1.

In addition to the standard strength and deformation check, nonlinear buckling analyses were carried out, taking into account geometric and material non linearity. Specific fatigue check was carried out for the steel orthotropic deck.

The activity was completed with the definition of the static load test

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