Bridge over the River Adda (Italy)


Evaluation of the existing structure, final and executive project of the structural redevelopment interventions.

Evaluation of the structural response of the existing bridge, analysis and verification of the redeveloped bridge downstream of the interventions to replace the existing hangers and to reinforce the deck slab and the terminal areas of the arches.


The bridge in question, with a total length of about 90.0m, was designed around the mid-1950s by Prof. Ing. Giulio Krall and is entirely made of reinforced concrete according to the static scheme of the lower arch. The slightly oblique deck has a longitudinal slope of about 2.5% and is hung by means of a series of inclined hangers from two large arches with a parabolic axis. The supporting arches are characterized by a 90.0m tax string and a height in key of about 14.5m.

In the design phase, to remedy the structural deficiencies identified by the analysis of the SdF, the following improvement interventions were envisaged: (1) reinforcement of the upper deck slab through the construction of a collaborating hood having a thickness of 60mm, reinforced with a net Ø16 / 20/20 thickened transversely with Ø16 / 20 close to the central spine beam; (2) shear reinforcement of the end parts of the arches by means of fiber-reinforced composites; (3) pressure – flexion reinforcement of the end parts of the arches by means of tackles; (4) replacement of the existing hangers with high resistance bars, Ø70 and Ø90, made of S460N steel.

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