Non destructive tests – Agenzia del Demanio Veneto (Italy)


Execution of non-destructive tests for the characterization of building materials.


The activity involved the execution of non-destructive tests in order to characterize the materials. The verification was carried out on 13 properties divided into 2 lots of the State Property Agency – Veneto Regional Management – located in the national territory in the Provinces of Belluno (indicated in blue) and Treviso (indicated in red).

For reinforced concrete properties, the tests carried out allowed to identify the metal reinforcements in order to define the internal texture of the structural elements, estimate the compressive strength of the concrete, correlating the force required for the extraction of a post-inserted anchor in the hardened concrete.

In addition, the mechanical characteristics of the steel in place were evaluated by evaluating the surface hardness of the same.

For masonry buildings, the tests carried out made it possible to define the mechanical characteristics by measuring the operating stresses and deformation characteristics.

This verification made it possible to improve the level of knowledge of the buildings for the subsequent analyzes and verifications of seismic vulnerability.

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