Non destructive tests – Bridge of the Pass (Italy)


Execution of non-destructive tests for the characterization of building materials


The activity involved the execution of non-destructive tests in order to characterize the materials. The check was carried out on the Ponte del Passo in the territory of the Municipality of Sorico (CO).

The bridge is of the lower way arch type with a structure entirely in cast concrete.

The metal reinforcements were identified in order to define the internal texture of the structural elements, and to confirm that the execution was in accordance with the projects. The Leeb test was then carried out on reinforcement steels: the test consists in removing the concrete cover to bring the reinforcement bars to light, leaving them incorporated into the structure to have the right contrast. The surface of the bar is milled and polished to obtain a flat band with a minimum width of 8 mm on which the test is carried out with a durometer in order to evaluate its surface hardness, which is related to the breaking and yield stress. In addition, two endoscopies of the deck were carried out and a census of existing deterioration and defects was carried out.

This verification made it possible to improve the level of knowledge of the bridge for subsequent analyzes

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