School Buildings Venice Historic Center and Islands (Italy)


Expedient seismic vulnerability assessment, vulnerability rankings, intervention priority lists, identification of criticality and local vulnerabilities.


The activity involved the expeditious seismic vulnerability assessment of 21 school buildings located in Venice Historic Center and Islands, in masonry or reinforced concrete, according to the RE.SIS.TO (REsistenza SISmica TOtale) methodology.

The main objective is to establish a vulnerability ranking based on comparative expeditious assessments, in order to identify buildings in priority need of detailed analysis and/or prompt intervention.

Buildings have been assessed according to a standardized operational procedure, which can be extended to a wide range of buildings with similar characteristics to those of the analyzed sample, limiting design time and costs.

The approach adopted is structured according to the following phases: documentary analysis, on-site inspection activities, data entry in the RE.SIS.TO portal, identification of local vulnerabilities and critical issues, and definition of vulnerability rankings from the results obtained.

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