Lifting – “Posta” Building (Italy)


Structural modeling, seismic analysis and executive structural design


We proceeded with the identification of an adequate intervention system to make the building earthquake-resistant. The procedure adopted is precisely that of seismic isolation using elastomeric isolation devices and slides. these devices provide the building with the necessary ductility and withstand the earthquake. The insulators increase the period of the building and dampen the seismic action. These two actions allow to reduce the seismic acceleration of the project.

the intervention involves the construction of a new foundation slab at the level of the intrados of the existing one and a second slab above the previous one which will be equipped with hydraulic jacks. through these devices, contrasting with the lower floor, the building will be raised and the previously mentioned isolation devices will be positioned in the gap that will be created between the two foundation levels. thanks to this type of intervention it is necessary to provide for the reinforcement of a few structural elements. in particular it is necessary to provide for the bending reinforcement of some pillars and some beams.

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