Temporary Bridge over the River Arno, Buriano Bridge (Italy)


Final and executive design of the temporary bridge and alternative roadway in order to relieve traffic from the historic bridge


The activity carried out is related to the development of the final and executive design of the temporary bridge and the alternative roadway in order to relieve the historic Buriano bridge from traffic and to allow its restoration work. The project involves the construction of a new bridge, located approximately 190m upstream from the existing historic bridge, with a metal truss structure consisting of no. 5 spans each with a span of 20m. The spans rest directly on pile piles with a depth of 20m. In addition to the bridge, the entire alternative roadway intercepting the existing roadway north and south of the historic bridge was designed. According to the indications received from the client, the entire project will have a duration of 5 years. Since it is, therefore, a temporary intervention, the design choices have been oriented toward construction systems and technologies that allow a rapid assembly of the bridge and a total reversibility of the entire intervention.Analyses have been carried out that thoroughly simulate the behavior of the Arno River in order to carefully determine the bridge’s impost and road leveling elevations. Special attention has been paid toward the mitigation of the environmental impact by providing special solutions to protect the local fauna and prescriptions towards the restoration of the “ante operam” state regarding the local tree species.

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