Underpass and footbridge – New bicycle and pedestrian pathway (Italy)


Design and verification of the r.c. box structure and the steel structure of the footbridge with preparation of the construction site drawings


It deals with the project called “Belluno Project for the urban renewal of the town – II Belluno Park on the right of Piave river and the city entries”.

The main objective of the activity is the design and check of one cycling underpass in order to allow a safe connection between the new cycling path on the right of Piave river and the parking located at Lambioi.

The underpass, which can be considered as a new gateway to Belluno city, is made with a reinforced concrete box which allowed shaping the structure with a characteristic architectural configuration.

In addition, from a structural point of view, the adopted solution led to a stiffer structure which minimizes the risk of subsidence of the upper roadway.

In addition to the above mentioned underpass, a number of ancillary works have also been designed, the most important of which is a small steel footbridge

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