Veneto 84 Avenue Condominium (Italy)


Structural survey and BIM modelling, seismic assessment of the existing structure, detailed and construction project of seismic base isolation introduced at ground floor of an already existing structure


The residential building, completed in the early 90s, shows an irregular shape and is composed of two linked structures.

The superstructure consists of in situ concrete frames, but pre-cast concrete elements together with clay blocks were used for slabs construction.

Concrete frames are provided with a deep foundation, namely piles with a diameter varying from 60 to 80cm, linked on the top by concrete beams and plinths. Along the external perimeter, non-structural walls are made of clay blocks.

By introducing base isolators, the existing superstructure experience a minor acceleration in the event of earthquakes, due to the increased natural period: therefore, lower levels of inertial forces, compatible with the available capacity, act on the existing structural elements.

To realise the base isolation, High Damping Rubber Bearings (HDRB), together with Free Sliding Pot Bearings, have been placed at Ground Floors columns base

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