Non-destructive testing Banking Group Branches (Italy)


Performing nondestructive testing for the characterization of building materials


The activity involved non-destructive testing in order to characterize materials. The verification was carried out on 21 properties of the “Crédit Agricole Italia Banking Group” located in the national territory.

For the Reinforced Concrete Branches, the tests carried out made it possible to identify the metal reinforcements in order to define the internal texture of the structural elements, estimate the compressive strength of the concrete by correlating it with its surface hardness and/or the force required to extract a dowel post-inserted in the hardened concrete. In addition, the mechanical properties of the steel in place were assessed by evaluating its surface hardness.

For the Masonry Branches, the tests performed allowed the mechanical characteristics to be defined by surveying the working stresses and deformation characteristics.

This verification allowed us to improve the level of knowledge of the properties to refine subsequent analyses and recalculate the new IRS.

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