Bridge of Botta (Italy)


Preliminary, Definitive, Executive Design, Safety Coordination in the Design phase, Works Management.


The bridge is located on the SP n. 2 “Lenna – Foppolo”; at the progressive km 54 + 400 in the municipality of Valleve (BG) and crosses the Brembo river with two spans for a total length of approximately 61m and a width of 5.15m.

The redevelopment works are divided into: Structural redevelopment of the existing bridge and Construction of the new bridge. The intervention aims to make the work compliant with the provisions of the Ministerial Decree 17.01.2018, for road bridges, as requested by the Client also in terms of carriageway width, allowing two-way transit with 2 lanes of 3.25m and side platforms of 1m for a total width of 8.5m instead of 4.4 current. For the execution of the works it was necessary to close the bridge to traffic. The maintenance of the road connection between the municipalities of Valleve and Foppolo was guaranteed by a Bailey bridge.

The design choice of the functional redevelopment intervention starts from the idea of ​​maintaining the existing structure together with the creation of a metal structure independent from the masonry structure of the existing bridge and which recall the shapes of the same whose shape is not hidden but integrated into the new one. artifact.

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