Completamento lavori isolamento sismico edificio esistente

12 Settembre 2022

Completamento lavori isolamento sismico edificio esistente

We’re proud to share our expertise in seismic base isolation of existing buildings! The transformation of a fix base building into a base isolated one is a thrilling activity and a real challenge for a seismic engineer. BOLINA Ingeneria has gathered a broad experience in this kind of activity with a large number of realizations. The poster below presents the case study of “De Gasperi” residential building in Tolentino-Macerata, Italy. The existing structure, affected by massive structural damage caused by the 2016 earthquake that occurred in central Italy, was recently transformed from a traditional fix base static scheme into a base isolated one. We’re grateful to our Partners, Studio Giuseppe and Stefano Foglia and to the Construction Company Solestech, Italian leading Company in the field of seismic engineering and base isolation.

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